iPhone 12 / 12 Pro phone case sustainable black
iPhone 12 / 12 Pro phone case sustainable black
iPhone 12 / 12 Pro phone case sustainable black
iPhone 12 / 12 Pro phone case sustainable black
iPhone 12 / 12 Pro phone case sustainable black
iPhone 12 / 12 Pro phone case sustainable black
iPhone 12 / 12 Pro phone case sustainable black
iPhone 12 / 12 Pro phone case sustainable black

Bio Case

iPhone 12 / 12 Pro Case Sustainable

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The sustainable and biodegradable iPhone 12 / 12 Pro phone case made of bio-material! Based on plant matter, this Case says war on plastic! Protect not only your iPhone with 360 degree all-round protection, but also the environment!

  • Made from wheat & straw residues
  • 100% Low Harm & REACH Certified
  • Vegan sustainable inner fabric against scratches
  • Shock Proof Feature & Increased Display Protection
  • Weight: 42 g 
  • Dimensions: 1 mm thin
  • Case from organic granules from plant starch
  • With straw and wheat residues

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Your advantages

2 years warranty

"Better than any plastic cover!"

1200+ reviews

Organic instead of plastic

The biodegradable iPhone 13 Case with the smallest ecological footprint! The plant-based Case says war on plastic!

Iphone 15 sustainable organic cell phone case green iphone 15 phone case biodegradable

Our organic material

BioRec consists of straw & bio-plastic based on plant starch. Our biomaterial is certified according to EU Standard EN 13432 for compostability!

Sustainable & Smart!

Dropdown protection

Wireless Charging


360° protection

Upcycling product

Wheat & Straw

Upcycling product

We primarily use agricultural scraps that would otherwise be incinerated & produce an honest product from it. Our plant-based iPhone 13 case is also toxin & lead free.

Customer Reviews

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Material & Care

Yes, your new sustainable phone case is completely vegan, low in pollutants, based on plant materials and is also an upcycled product! Our cell phone cases are made of a specially developed bioplastic, which is mainly based on plant starch (PLA). PLA is one of the bioplastics, which are made from renewable raw materials, so they are biobased as well as compostable. Our used bio material is even certified according to European Standard EN 13432 for compostability. In addition, we use straw and grain, which are leftovers during the harvest. We upcycle these materials and add them to the innovative bioplastic for additional strength. Please note that currently not all colors and models are fully compostable and have different material compositions. (See next FAQ).

In addition, the iPhone Case isfree of BPA, lead, cadmium & phthalates and is REACH certified!

Unfortunately, a high proportion of plant material means that especially light-colored products are more susceptible to discoloration and scratches. When improving our products, we take your customer feedback to heart and have therefore decided to make the colors more resistant. Thus, our models contain recycled TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). This way we create a longer life and ultimately reduce the consumption of the iPhone Cases. These can still be recycled in our production! And we have set as a firm goal to develop the best possible and most sustainable materials and hope soon to convert our complete product family to full compostability.

Recyclable cell phone case (Partially compostable/ 50% organic material):

Ingredients: PLA, straw, wheat, TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). The material is free from BPA, lead, cadmium, phthalates and REACH certified!

Good to know: Our cases can be completely recycled in our production process and thus be reused for new products! Instead of disposing of the case, just send it back to us and we will recycle it for you and you save 30%. More info here!

Note: Since PLA consists of polylactic acids, it may happen that a light film (streaks) appears on your Bio Case , especially after a long period of non-use. Do not be alarmed - this is a natural reaction of the organic material and can be easily wiped off.

Through our innovative bio material, we can recycle your used iPhone phone case in production and almost completely recycled! With your help we can save important raw materials, save energy costs, produce more sustainably and create new products! So if you don't feel like using your organic phone case anymore, please don't throw it in the trash, just send it back to us. This way we can use the material for the production of new cases and you get a 30% voucher. More info here!

Since our cell phone cases are made from plant materials and straw residues, there may be natural, small deviations in the look and texture . Since we also consciously avoid synthetic materials, the organic cell phone case can develop a patina over time. Both are a clear sign of authenticity and use of organic materials.

Your plant-based cell phone case does not require any special care. The Case can be easily wiped with a damp cloth and even normal weather conditions, such as rain showers, don't affect your iPhone Case . However, it should still be protected from strong moisture, heat, cold or sunlight. Please note: We work with completely sustainable, low-impact materials and do not use sealants like other plastic cases. Therefore, the color of your Case may change over time and may also rub off faster. Depending on your usage and lifestyle, minor scratches may also appear on the surface. To keep your sustainable case clean for a long time, make sure that your Case doesnot come into contact with staining clothes or other staining materials , e.g. direct contact with make-up should also be avoided. We are already working on other natural solutions to make our cases even better and more durable!

Quite the opposite! We manufacture our Bio Case only from tested materials that are certified sustainable and 100% low-pollutant. So we even reduce our CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions. We also strictly adhere to REACH and RoHS environmental standards.

Upcycling is a special form of recycling in which low-grade raw materials such as waste or even leftover residual materials are used for the production of a new product . In the case of our bio-based cell phone bags, we use old Cases and agricultural waste and thus save a lot of resources and reduce polluting emissions by up to 75%. Moreover, you can easily send your used Case back to us and we will recycle it for you, for a perfect recycling cycle!

Thanks to the strong combination of plant materials and bio-plastic, our cell phone Case is durable for a long time and can be used in everyday life without any concerns. The life of the case is over 2 years and only in the recycling process it begins to decompose.

Wireless Charging & MagSafe

Yes, you can still charge your smartphone conveniently with wireless charging. The Bio-Case is super slim and allows all functions of your iPhone without any problem.

But safe! All our iPhone cases (iPhone 12-14) are compatible with Apple's MagSafe technology and can be easily charged with the MagSafe Wireless Charger. This way you get even faster charging power of up to 15W by simply placing the charger exactly at the height of your iPhone's Apple logo. You should feel a magnetic pull there and see the MagSafe logo on your display - and your iPhone will charge!

For our sustainable Change Case, protection has the highest priority! To ensure safe impact protection, a certain amount of padding and thickness must be present. Unfortunately, the thickness of the protective case cannot guarantee a flawless, magnetic hold of the MagSafe products. To use the magnetic function, we recommend our MagSafe Case or Slim Case!

Safety & Impact Protection

Yes, don't worry! Our Bio Case has a perfect fit with extra-strong frame and haptics that reliably protects your iPhone all around. In addition, Case has been tested in test labs for drop resistance. Our iPhone case has passed over 26 test drops from 1.4m. The grippy frame is also non-slip and protects with its raised edges even your phone display!

We believe in our cases and know from many customers that they have already survived a lot of falls! However, we do not claim that our cases are indestructible and that your mobile device will survive any fall or external force without any damage. The truth is that every cell phone cannot always survive certain falls or violent impacts without any damage. Therefore, we ask for your understanding that Woodcessories is not liable for any damage or repair costs.


The cutouts on the side are innovative lanyard holes. These allow the optional attachment of a lanyard, lanyard or a practical wrist strap. Simply pull your chain or loop through the holes and your Bio Case is guaranteed always quickly at the start!

We have also put a lot of thought into our packaging and therefore only use recycled paper and recycled cardboard to package our products in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Even our entire insert material is recycled. Don't worry: Our sustainable shipping boxes are still very high quality, well protected and your favorite product will reach you without any problems! The shipping is completely climate-neutral via DHL GoGreen or optionally DPD, so that we can offset the emissions generated and your product arrives as green as possible!