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Our high quality iPhone Cases are our pride and joy. Made from all-natural and sustainable materials like real wood, stone and organic plant material, they make the perfect eco-friendly companion for everyday life. Choose from ultra-thin slim design, reinforced impact protection or elegant split look and customize your iPhone Case to fit your needs. Available for all iPhones! We've got you covered!

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iPhone Cases

Bumper CaseiPhone Case Wood MagSafe
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Ordinary plastic iPhone cases are usually of poor quality, full of pollutants and do not last very long. With our iPhone cases made of high quality natural materials we provide long-lasting reliable protection for your iPhone.

It can happen so quickly: Once not paying attention and your iPhone falls off the table or out of your hands and the display is already shattered into a thousand pieces despite the phone case. Woodcessories has the solution! With our robust iPhone Bumper Cases made of wood, stone and organic plant material, you get all-around reinforced impact protection thanks to tight-fitting padding and reinforced corners. The raised frame also protects your iPhone's display and camera. The high-quality wood and stone makes your iPhone Case almost indestructible!

Our Slim Case also protects your iPhone reliably and takes up hardly any space. The iPhone wood Case impresses with ultra thin design, which nestles feather-light around your smartphone. Nevertheless, all important functions of your iPhone remain protected. In addition, the extra thin Case allows the use of the new MagSafe products and magnetic charging!

Find your perfect Woodcessories companion now and be prepared for every adventure!

Our sustainable iPhone Cases are available for:
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iPhone 13 |iPhone 13 Pro |iPhone 13 Mini |iPhone 13 Pro Max
iPhone 12 |iPhone 12 Pro|iPhone 12 Mini |iPhone 12 Pro Max
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