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Our innovative MagSafe chargers are more than just a simple charging solution - they are a statement of state-of-the-art technology combined with outstanding design. With the MagSafe charging station, you will not only experience faster charging times, but also enjoy the perfect set-up for your Apple devices.
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Magsafe Charger

MultiBase Pro3-in-1 MagSafe & Apple Watch Charger
MagpadMagSafe Wireless Charger
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MagSafe DockMagSafe holder made of wood
Angebotspreis$44.99 Regulärer Preis$59.99

Our innovative MagSafe chargers are more than just a charging solution - they are a statement of state-of-the-art technology combined with exceptional design. With the MagSafe charging station, you will not only experience faster charging times, but also enjoy optimal coordination with your Apple devices.

The intelligently designed magnetic chargers fit seamlessly into any room and emphasize their high functionality with an aesthetic appearance. Safety is always our top priority - thanks to integrated features, your devices are protected against overcharging and overheating.

At Woodcessories, we combine technology with style and safety to offer you a charging experience that is second to none. Our MagSafe chargers are not only an advanced accessory for your devices, but also an expression of our commitment to quality, design and sustainability. Experience the difference with Woodcessories.

The incomparable efficiency and aesthetics of Apple MagSafe chargers

The choice of MagSafe chargers from Woodcessories brings a new dimension to the world of wireless charging. They stand for advanced technology and a sophisticated design down to the smallest detail.

The Apple MagSafe wireless charger stands out with its unique combination of speed and safety. It automatically adapts to the specific requirements of your device to ensure optimal charging speed without compromising battery life. The MagSafe Charger design complements this functionality with its sleek, minimalist look that blends harmoniously into any environment.

In addition, the MagSafe charging station offers a convenient and efficient solution for everyday use. You can simply place your device on the station and it will start charging immediately - without you having to worry about cables or connections. The wireless charger is designed to be not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing and blends in perfectly with your home or office.

With these products, Woodcessories is setting new standards for wireless charging. The MagSafe chargers are the result of a careful balance between technological innovation and elegant design, making them an indispensable accessory for every Apple user.

The variety and flexibility of MagSafe chargers from Woodcessories

Our MagSafe charger range at Woodcessories offers an impressive variety to meet the different needs of our customers. Each device is equipped with special features that make it unique.

Excellence in every detail of the MagSafe chargers

The MagSafe chargers from Woodcessories set standards in terms of quality and reliability. Every single product in our range, be it the MagSafe Apple charger or the Apple Mag Safe, undergoes a strict quality control process. In this way, we can guarantee that every device you receive meets our high standards.

In addition, our MagSafe chargers are designed for optimum performance. They offer fast and efficient charging that is perfectly tailored to the needs of your Apple devices. So your devices are always ready for use when you need them. Overall, Woodcessories puts the symbiosis of quality and sustainability at the forefront. From the careful selection of eco-friendly materials to precise manufacturing techniques, every detail of our MagSafe chargers is designed to give you the best possible experience.

MagSafe chargers: Sustainability at heart

At Woodcessories, our commitment to sustainability is not just lip service, but an integral part of our product philosophy. We are aware of our key responsibility to the environment at all times. That's why we always focus on environmentally friendly practices with our MagSafe chargers - from product development to manufacturing and delivery.

Our MagSafe chargers are not only efficient in their energy consumption, but also in the way they are produced. We use recycled and sustainable materials and reduce waste and emissions in our manufacturing process. The result? An improved final quality of our products and, most importantly, a smaller environmental footprint.

In addition, we are actively involved in environmental protection initiatives and are continuously working to further improve our processes and products. Our MagSafe chargers are an example of how technological innovation and environmentally conscious design can go hand in hand to meet the needs of both our customers and our planet.

At Woodcessories, we firmly believe that the future of technology lies in sustainable development. Our MagSafe chargers are proof that you don't have to choose between advanced technology and environmental responsibility - they offer both.

Experience the future of charging with MagSafe chargers from Woodcessories

All our products in the MagSafe charger range combine technological progress, style and sustainability in one. Our MagSafe chargers are carefully designed to integrate seamlessly into your everyday life.

Both the MagSafe charging station and the MagSafe Charger - they all offer you not only convenience and efficiency, but also an incomparable charging experience. Durability and reliability guaranteed.

Discover for yourself how technology, design and sustainability are combined in perfect harmony in the world of MagSafe chargers. For the perfect MagSafe charger that meets your needs and complements your lifestyle. Benefit from secure payment, climate-neutral shipping and a 2-year guarantee.

Take the step into a wireless, efficient and stylish future with Woodcessories. Experience the ultimate charging experience now - your device and our planet will thank you. Discover our matching MagSafe Cases.