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What is MagSafe? Normal vs MagSafe Case

You have heard of MagSafe or maybe even already have a compatible iPhone 12/13/14 or iPhone 15 and are still wavering between buying a normal and a MagSafe Case? We show you the advantages of MagSafe and how you can use the feature optimally in everyday life!

MagSafe® - the new magnetic feature from Apple - has taken the smartphone accessories market by storm and caused new innovative iPhone accessories.

What exactly is MagSafe and what can it do?

MagSafe is Apple's new magnetic feature for its new iPhone 12, 13, 14 & 15 series. With the help of a ring of small magnets on the back of the iPhone, it enables magnetic docking and charging with a magnetic charger. You may already know this function from the MacBook power adapter. Due to the attraction between the magnetic ring and the charger, your smartphone remains firmly connected and you still have full flexibility without an annoying charging cable.

To take full advantage of all the features of MagSafe, you need a specially made "Case for MagSafe", instead of just a "MagSafe-compatible" Case. While normal Cases still support wireless charging function, they are usually too thick to guarantee magnetic hold and worry-free charging. Therefore, we recommend a suitable iPhone 12/13/14/15 MagSafe Case with maximum 1mm thickness.

What are the advantages of a MagSafe Case?

Charging function

Wondering if MagSafe is better than normal charging? With MagSafe, the problem is forgotten. The magnetic charging system makes wireless charging easier than ever. The MagSafe Charger connects with a simple click and stays hidden on the back of your iPhone to give you as much freedom of movement as possible. So you can still make calls, play games or watch videos, and enjoy all the features of your smartphone without the hassle of a charging cable or broken charging port. What's more, MagSafe enables ultra-fast charging at up to 15W, providing you with enough charging power even when you're on the go.

With a regular phone case, wireless charging with a MagSafe charging dock is in full swing, but all other magnetic features are no longer compatible and your iPhone charges via ordinary Qi.


Apple MagSafe charging


Of course, Apple offers many other gadgets and accessories besides the MagSafe cases & chargers. MagSafe not only facilitates and improves wireless charging, but also allows the use of additional accessories. With the matching Case , a variety of magnetic accessories can be attached to your iPhone that won't fall off even if you move around a lot thanks to the integrated magnets.

Apple MagSafe Accessories  

Besides stylish MagSafe Wallets and Popsockets, the magnetic feature can also be used for photography equipment, microphones, additional lights and much more. Also MagSafe car mounts, fitness mounts & co. allow an even more convenient mounting and use of your iPhone 12, 13 & 14.

You really have a lot of options open to you with MagSafe. Here are a few of our favorites:

Apple MagSafe Wallet Moment Cold Shoe Mount
Belkin Car Air Vent Mount PRO PopSocket PopGrip

But watch out! When choosing your case and gadgets, you should always look for high quality. This can often vary drastically and thus affects the functionality of your MagSafe accessory. If the necessary magnetic force is not given, your iPhone can fall off the cradle and possibly get damaged.
Therefore, it is important to check whether the offered accessories are made for MagSafe or only 'MagSafe-compatible'. Only explicit MagSafe accessories have the official MagSafe technology built in and thus guarantee 100% functionality.

Is a MagSafe Case worth it ?

We say yes! In addition to fast wireless charging and flexible mounting, MagSafe simplifies everyday life and offers a variety of practical accessories for your iPhone 12, 13, 14 & 15.

Of course, the decision is ultimately up to you and depends on your individual needs. If you're looking for an easy way to attach accessories to your iPhone or are just tired of your charging cable, MagSafe is definitely recommended!

Our insider tip: The rumor mill is already bubbling about inductive charging. According to our information, it looks like Apple will no longer use charging ports in future iPhone models. With Qi and the new MagSafe technology, the old Lightning charging cables have become obsolete and will probably be replaced completely soon. The switch from Lightning to USB-C in the iPhone 15 has already been confirmed by leaks. However, how long Apple will keep the cross-brand USB-C port is unpredictable. Therefore, our hot tip to you is to prepare for a complete switch to MagSafe to continue enjoying all the benefits of your iPhone.

What is the difference between MagSafe and normal charging ?

The difference between normal charging and MagSafe is the way the power is transferred. Normal charging transfers electrical energy from a power source (such as a wall outlet or USB port) to the device via a cable (such as a Lightning or USB-C cable). The energy physically flows through the cable into the device. In contrast, MagSafe is based on wireless induction technology. Here, energy is transferred from a charger to the device without the need for physical cable connections. Magnets in the charger and the device ensure that the device is positioned in exactly the right place to maximize charging efficiency.

Is MagSafe better than normal charging ?

Which method is better depends on individual preferences and requirements. MagSafe offers the advantage of fast and convenient wireless charging without having to plug and unplug a cable. It also allows simultaneous use of the device while charging and offers additional features, such as the use of magnetic accessories. Traditional corded charging is still useful when fast and reliable charging without additional technology is preferred. It is also the common method for charging devices that do not support MagSafe. The choice between MagSafe and normal charging depends on personal needs and preferences. While MagSafe offers convenience and additional features, conventional charging with cables remains efficient and reliable.

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