Iphone SE 3/ SE 2 wood phone case
Iphone SE 3/ SE 2 wood phone case
Iphone SE 3/ SE 2 wood phone case
Iphone SE 3/ SE 2 wood phone case
Iphone SE 3/ SE 2 wood phone case
Iphone SE 3/ SE 2 wood phone case
Iphone SE 3/ SE 2 wood phone case
Iphone SE 3/ SE 2 wood phone case

Bumper Case

iPhone SE 2 /3 Case wood

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The unique iPhone SE 3 / SE 2 Case made of hand-selected real stone and recycled silicone protects your iPhone against falls from up to 2 meters! Your iPhone stone Case is a real piece of nature and comes with very individual grain

  • Impact protection makes the phone case fall resistant
  • Shockproof design & display protection with raised edges
  • Extra sustainable with recycled silicone from TPU
  • Sustainable wood refined with natural waxes
  • Cutouts for SIM cards & pin pin compartment
  • Weight: 35 g
  • Dimensions: 1.5 mm thin
  • Robust American walnut wood
  • Recycled silicone and TPU
  • Soft vegan inner lining

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Your advantages

2 years warranty

iphone 15 bumper phone case woodiphone 15 bumper phone case wood

Great feel, good protection!

1200+ Bewertungen

Reinforced drop down protection

The padded frame delivers feather-light all-around protection for your iPhone 14 and is tested & certified for drops up to 1.8m.

iphone 15 bumper phone case wood walnutiphone 15 phone case wood

Your case is unique!

Your iPhone 14 MagSafe Case is as unique as nature itself and comes with very individual structure thanks to real wood.

Maximum protection & sustainable materials

2 meter impact protection

360° protection

Soft inner fabric

Noble real wood

Wireless Charging

Sustainable natural materials

iphone 15 bumper phone case walnut

Soft fabric & SIM card pockets

Vegan lining protects the back of your iPhone from scratches and smart cutouts provide access to SIM cards & pin pin.

Find your design

Your Bumper Case is not only available in a noble walnut look but also with a back made of real stone or as a limited Black Edition with elaborately colored black oak! Find your favorite!

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Daniel D.

I already had your bumper case in the walnut version, but the black limited edition is an absolute highlight! Super classy and the packaging with the bag also looks very high quality! Once again thrilled!

Kareem S.

Adds so much value to my cell phone, I've often been asked about it. The inside is lined with soft fabric, which also provides great protection. My highlight of your products!

Max H.
Totally lightweight and yet solid!

At first I was worried that a cell phone case with real stone might be too heavy, but the stone is really super thin. The pattern is beautiful and I also really like the discreet logo. Thanks to the slightly raised frame, the camera is also super protected (unfortunately I couldn't take a photo with my phone in it ^^)

Jens K. (Wuppertal, DE)
All expectations fulfilled for the 3rd time

Always worth a recommendation. Unfortunately only for Apple devices and not for Samsung, for example

Simon K.
Nice feeling

A touch of nature in my everyday life, feels very even!


Material & Care

Although we use real wood and stone, we made sure that the protective cases do not add any noticeable weight to all Apple devices. So the material is about only 1-1.5mm thin and your Case weighs a light 30-35g.

No! And that is exactly what makes our handmade natural product! Each wood & stone Case is truly unique and will only exist once in the world. Since we work with a natural product that always has different grains and structures, each Case is individual in its look and feel.

All Woodcessories Cases & products come from nature! We use real wood, most of which comes from Germany, Asia and the USA. All woods are certified and come from sustainable forestry. We also use slate and quartzite stones, which have formed over 300 million years by depositional rocks from granular clay and mud masses & wood. This creates very special colors and structures.

At first glance, it is easy to think that it is common plastic, but for all our Cases we use only recycled and especially low-pollutant plastic, which is produced according to environmental standards! That means no toxins and other environmentally harmful chemicals are used by us in the production and since the material is also recyclable, we conserve resources and stop unnecessary material waste! The frame of the iPhone 14 cases is made of silicone or TPU, which fits perfectly around your smartphone and protects it from drops and forces. If you want to learn more about the topic of non-toxic plastic, then take a look at our material page.

Besides our Military Drop-proof certificate, we also make sure that our products comply with important environmental guidelines. That's why all of our cases are REACH and RoHS certified. This means that we do not use any harmful chemicals or other additives that could harm the environment. In addition, our materials come exclusively from sustainable origins and recycled metal to conserve resources and save emissions.

Your Woodcessories product does not require any special care. Even normal weather conditions, such as rain showers, do not affect your unique piece. However, your unique piece should be protected from strong moisture, heat, cold or sunlight. Even if the wood is treated with several layers of wax, it is a natural product that can be negatively affected by extreme weather conditions.

Wireless Charging

Yes! All iPhone models have an integrated wireless charging function, which makes charging the device easy and intuitive. Thanks to the millimeter-thin layer, the wood and stone cases can also be used for inductive charging (Qi technology) and are compatible with almost all wireless charging stations.

For our Bumper Case, optimal protection has the highest priority! In order to ensure safe impact protection, a certain amount of padding and thickness must be present. The thickness of the protective case can therefore unfortunately not guarantee a proper, magnetic hold of the MagSafe products. To use the magnetic function, we recommend our Bumper Case Magsafe. Go here to our Bumper Case MagSafe!

Safety & Impact Protection

Our Bumper Case has passed over 26 test runs from 1.8m and withstands high forces. The grippy silicone frame is also non-slip and even protects your phone screen with its raised edges! We believe in our cases and know from many customers that it has already survived a lot of falls! However, we do not claim that our cases are indestructible and that your mobile device will survive any fall or external force without any damage. The truth is that every cell phone cannot always survive certain falls or violent impacts without any damage. Therefore, we ask for your understanding that Woodcessories is not liable for any damage or repair costs. To increase the protection factor you should use our armored glasses.