IPhone 14 Privacy Tempered Glass
IPhone 14 Privacy Tempered Glass
IPhone 14 Privacy Tempered Glass
IPhone 14 Privacy Tempered Glass
IPhone 14 Privacy Tempered Glass
IPhone 14 Privacy Tempered Glass
IPhone 14 Privacy Tempered Glass
IPhone 14 Privacy Tempered Glass

Privacy Tempered Glass

iPhone 14 Tempered Glass with eye protection


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 The scratch-resistant Asahi glass protects your display with ultra hardness 9H not only from drops, but also from foreign eyes! Thanks to the privacy filter, the display is only visible when looking straight ahead and your privacy is safe even in crowds! And thanks to the rounded edges and 3D optics, the protective glass for your iPhone 14 is hardly noticeable!

  • Absolute privacy due to privacy film
  • Quality protective glass thanks to extreme hardness (9H)
  • Self adhesive film with bubble free application
  • Quick attachment by single finger pressure
  • Ultra HD transparency & Face ID compatible
  • Weight: 12 g
  • Dimensions: 1 mm thin
  • Japanese asahi glass
  • Extreme hardness (9H)
  • Oleophobic surface against dirt & fingerprints
  • Integrated privacy filter

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2 years warranty

"Professional protection meets privacy!"

1200+ Bewertungen

Perfect eye protection

The 3D protective glass is equipped with special privacy protection that guarantees you privacy even in a crowd. The premium screen protector glass ensures that only you can see your phone. So all information on your phone display remains private!

Premium quality

Genuine Japanese glass, rounded 3D edges, anti-fingerprint, extremely shatterproof, HD transparency, easy to apply...You get a professional eye protection film at a great price!

Ultra 9H hardness & scratch resistance

The Asahi tempered glass is much more resistant than ordinary protective glasses due to a longer hardening process. 9H scratch resistance means that even sharp-edged objects such as keys do not leave any annoying scratches on your Apple iPhone! For comparison: a conventional protective film has a hardness of only 3H.

Quality meets sustainability!

HD transparency



Scratch resistant

9H hardness level


Best operation & HD transparency

The protective glass comes with 99% clear transparency for a high-definition display. Enjoy your screen without any limitations & use your Apple Face ID without any problems! (But please note that the Privacy Glass will darken your screen slightly).

Self adhesive & bubble free application

The protective film made of Japanese Asahi glass is self-adhesive & nestles bubble-free to your display! It spreads with a single finger pressure as if by itself! *Please note FAQs

Controlled quality & processing

During the manufacturing process, we pay special attention to precise processing of Japanese glasses & always work to bring each product to perfection. Each protective film goes through intensive quality control in our in-house workshops!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
J.K. (Bergheim, DE)
Very good film

Does what it promises!!!

Meret J.
Takes some getting used to but good

Strange at first, but you get used to it. Works quite well

Liam V.
So far the best Tempered Glass

After 2 bad purchases from the big A, I've now decided to go for the WOODCESSORIES screen protector, as I always had extreme problems with touch sensitivity before. These are no longer a problem with the new Tempered Glass . You always feel that there are a few sensitivity limitations, but I think you have to live with that if you don't want to have a broken display if the worst comes to the worst.
All in all, however, it's a good Tempered Glass, which is easy to attach even without assistance (a frame would still have been nice).
Especially without many bubbles.

Nika Z.
Good glass

After many failures on Amazon & Co, I am finally satisfied. The privacy protection is great and so far the glass is also very robust.

Jelena T.
Can no longer do without!

The privacy function is what I needed, without knowing that there is such a thing at all. Whether on the train or in general in everyday life I really can no longer without this blickdchutz! No one else sees your screen and what is going on it😎🤫. Simply ingenious


Our extra tempered protective glass has been reinforced for hours to increase the strength & better protect the iPhone screen. Compared with normal film or glass, the 9H tempered glass can withstand stronger force. This reduces the risk of your iPhone screen shattering when dropped or collided.

Yes, your display is actually only readable in a 60° area (where you are), everything outside this angle is completely darkened, preventing prying eyes. This makes your display look a bit darker than normal, but still remains HD and most importantly - private!

No, the iPhone screen protector from Woodcessories does not affect the touch sensitivity of the phone, as the thickness of the protective film is only 0.3mm.If you experience any problems, first reconfigure your Apple Touch ID by resetting your fingerprint in your settings. If you still have problems with the Touch ID function or with recording voice messages, please check if you have applied the protective glass correctly or contact our support.

Each iPhone Tempered Glass comes with a complete cleaning kit. Before installing the screen protector, please follow the instructions for cleaning the screen. Use the alcohol wipe to remove dirt and fingerprints, clean your screen with the cleaning cloth and dust your screen with the included anti-dust stickers if necessary. Cleaning is extremely crucial to ensure proper application.

You have to make sure that all dirt and dust particles on the iPhone screen have been removed before installing the protective film. Even light dust or dirt can interfere with a bubble-free, problem-free application and possibly restrict the usability of the screen!

If bubbles exist after applying the film, the following tips can be followed:
Larger bubbles: Slowly lift one corner of the screen protector & reposition it in place. Try to press the bubble out of the film
Small bubbles: Try to press the bubbles out of the film with your fingertips, a cloth or a credit card.

Please note:
For a bubble-free protective film, you must ensure that all dirt and dust particles on the iPhone screen have been removed before installing the protective film.

Yes, our 3D curved lenses are designed to cover the entire iPhone screen including the black frame. This not only gives you premium screen protection, but also a perfect iPhone look as the 3D Curved Tempered Glass blends with the surface of your iPhone!

The bulletproof glass film might shatter in case of a drop or high pressure. Even with a thickness of 9H, the glass cannot withstand every external force. First and foremost, your iPhone screen should be protected. This should actually be intact & without damage. Please note that a 100% protection of your iPhone screen can not be guaranteed!