Black Friday Sustainable?

Climate-neutral Black Friday?

The last Friday in November is the day of the annual bargain hunt. It's "buy, buy, buy" and much disappears after a short time never to be seen again in the back of the...
Woodcessories Climate Neutral

Woodcessories becomes climate neutral!

We are Germany's first climate neutral tech accessories brand. Sounds great, but what exactly does climate neutrality mean? And how did we get to this point?
Top 5 Apps Sustainability

Top 5 apps for more sustainability in everyday life

Who hasn't experienced this? You want to live a more sustainable and climate-friendly life, but where to start is not so easy. There are many ways in which we can improve our everyday...
Sustainable startup

Woodcessories: the sustainable startup in the Ruhr area

Hey and welcome to our Woodcessories Blog! Here you'll find interesting news about sustainability and technology and exciting articles about what's going on behind the scenes....